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Janine Klein
The Diva's Diva: Tales of a Drag Queen Assistant


Janine shares the adventures of her last year traveling with her famous drag queen best friend from RuPaul's drag race. Laugh and cry along as she tells stories through with Broadway songs about their touring life from Dublin to Peoria.
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Melissa Vasquez
Token Black Girl


A Token Black Girl by definition is a black (African-American) female with minimal defining character qualities that is added to the cast of a movie or show in order to appear diverse ... but what if you're cast as the token black girl, but you're not even black?! A musical and comedic journey about finding your way out of the box, and learning to love your shape and color. This show highlights the funny and embarrassing ways we figure out where we fit in.
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David Almeida & Natalie Doliner
 The Spice of Life 


Join David Almeida and Natalie Doliner as they celebrate the music of their favorite Variety Shows from 1970s! Come hear the music from the grooviest shows on TV, including Sonny & Cher, Donny & Marie, The Captain & Tennille, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Hee Haw, the Jackson 5, and much more!

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Thursday, April 28 at 8:15pm
Friday, May 6 at 12:00pm

Alex Mrazek
Breaking Type


Being a 6'5" baritone character actor can have its challenges...come along on this journey of breaking expectations, being an individual, and trying not to be type cast.
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Blake and Cara Lynn Braswell
Gravel and Grace


In Gravel and Grace, Blake and Cara assemble a collection of folk songs from the past to the present, as well as their own original works, that examine the human story. A story that is filled with victory and defeat, romance and heartbreak, gravel and grace. Recipe: American folk, blues, splash of bluegrass, North Carolina charm, Scottish and Irish tunes...shaken, not stirred.
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Sara Hood
Thank You, Nora Ephron


A dedication to three of Nora Ephron’s most romantic movies: Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, (and Sara's favorite) When Harry Met Sally. Throughout the show, Sara shares favorite parts of the movies and stories that parallel her life. This show explores why we all wish for that “meet cute” moment in our lives. 
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Michael Paul Ziegfeld
Comedian and Ventriloquist

Join comedian and ventriloquist Michael Paul Ziegfeld for a night of quick-witted banter & off-the-cuff rants. Voted Atlantic City’s Cabaret Act Of The Year by A.C. Magazine and seen on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, and 27 Dresses, this performance  will keep you laughing from beginning to end.
PLEASE NOTE: This show is “PG-13” containing some innuendo or adult themes
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