Michael Walters

Showtunes Made Me Gay

Michael Walters performances have been canceled at this year's festival due to illness. We wish Michael the best and hope to host him at an upcoming festival!
The Mad Cow Theatre box office is contacting ticket holders individually to make appropriate arrangements.

Meet the Artist

Michael Walters
A native of Hope, Arkansas, Michael was delivered by the same nurse who delivered former President Bill Clinton. That nurse also happened to be his late grandmother, Wilma Booker.
Michael began performing as soon as he realized he had an unquenchable thirst to be the center of attention. A natural mimic, Michael began as a miniature Rich Little - doing impressions of the entire cast of The Muppet Show, Archie Bunker and countless other television icons - and he hasn't stopped since. Fortunately, some of the impressions have gotten better over time.
As a performer, Michael has appeared in over 75 musicals and dozens of other dramas and comedies from Neil Simon to Shakespeare. Michael has performed for audiences across the country in some of the nation's finest regional theatres as well as for thousands of people a day at Walt Disney World. At Disney, Michael had the honor of appearing for three years in the longest running musical show in the history of the American Stage: The Hoop Dee Doo Revue, which has been continually running at Walt Disney World for 35 years. Michael was an original cast member of Finding Nemo: The Musical, originating the role of Bruce the Shark. Michael has toured nationally as a soloist with the Mantovanni Orchestra and with Troupe America's Babes in Toyland.
Currently, Michael resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he performs regularly as both Gleason and Dame Edna, in addition to performing his one-man comedic semi-autobiographical show: Mr. Broadway.